Wild Instincts Premium Raw Beef Formula is made only from human grade Beef, meat and beef tripe are sourced locally to ensure quality. Our veggie mix is made of hand selected organic ingredients ensuring that only the best makes it to your pets bowl. Complete and balanced, our beef formula provides an excellent red meat source alternative to those who wish to not feed poultry.
Wild Instincts Premium Raw Beef Formula
Wild Instincts Premium Raw Chicken Formula
Wild Instincts Premium Raw Chicken Formula is how we got our start! Our chicken mix provides a unique mixture of raw chicken and green beef tripe, allowing for maximum digestibility which many other raw chicken mixes lack. As always only the highest quality human grade meat is used, sourced locally and hand selected. Along with this fantastic meat our organic veggie mix is also locally sourced and gone over by hand to be sure that only the best ingredients make it to your pets bowl!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Raw Diet?
A raw diet, preserving the integrity of its ingredients is never cooked. Many times ingredients are whole and in their natural state, this includes fruit and vegetables, muscle meat, bone whole or ground and organ meat.
What are the health benefits to feeding raw?
Feeding a raw diet allows for maximum digestability, which means smaller firmer stool. Raw promotes healthy teeth and gums, shinier skin and coat, lean strong muscle, a healthier immune system, and greatly reduces if not fully eliminates any allergin effects your pet has previously experienced from processed kibbles in the past.
Why is Wild Instincts Raw different?
Wild Instincts Raw uses no grain, gluten preservatives or fillers. We don’t add any artificial vitamins allowing pets to gain them naturally through their food. Wild Instincts Raw is one of the only Raw companies on the market who include unprocessed green tripe in every formula. Green tripe is an absolute super food for dogs, containing good bacteria, digestive enzymes and amino acids that improve digestive systems as well as the immune system.
Is a raw diet safe?
With proper care and handling a raw diet is completely safe. It’s no different than preparing a meal in your home cooking meats. Be sure to disinfect hands, and bowls afterwards.
But I have kids are you sure?
Dogs do not transmit food born illness through secretion of saliva, or contact to fur or skin. Being around a raw fed dog is completely safe. Again, just practice sanitary habits while feeding.
What about dehydrated raw?
Dehydrated food is cooked at a low temperature for an extended period of time. During the dehydration process essential vitamins and minerals are lost along with an live enzymes making this diet less complete than in its natural state.


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